• Anh-Son Tran Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
Keywords: NC Cu50Ni50 alloy, phase transformations, dislocations, shear strain, von Mises stress


In this paper, the effects of different temperatures on the tensile characteristics of nanocrystalline Cu50Ni50 alloy is investigated using molecular dynamics simulation method. The stress-strain relationship, phase transformations, lattice dislocations, shear strain and von Mises stress distributions are evaluated. The results show that the higher the temperature, the lower the tensile strength of the nanocrystalline Cu50Ni50 alloy. The phase transition from the FCC structure to the HCP structure is predominant and the Shockley lattice dislocation pattern prevails during the tensile process. The atoms with high shear strain are concentrated mainly at the sites where the material is most severely deformed. The von Mises stress increases markedly with increasing temperature.


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